Quality Management System

The Quality and Safety Strategy developed and adopted by the SE PLANT 410 CA Director General sets the plant’s goals, objectives and guidelines for efficient aviation equipment repair, maintenance and overhaul at customer’s request and in accordance with the imposed legislative requirements for competitive domestic and international prices;
Quality and Safety Strategy employment under both national and international quality standards, including aerospace ones, and aviation requirements;
quality management analysis, introduction of corrective and preventive measures for sustained quality improvement;
in-house identification, anticipation and satisfaction of customer’s needs;
staff awareness of plant’s contracts and its strong international market position due to close cooperation with customers.

The plant operation and quality management are authorized and maintained by ISO 9001, NATO AQAP 2120, EASA Part-145, Part-21, Part - 145В and JAR-145, and stated in its technical and performance guidelines.

The product and service quality standards defined and enforced in line with international and European requirements incorporate:

  • contract analysis;
  • vender rating;
  • materials and components identification and monitoring;
  • records administration;
  • personnel training and certification;
  • configuration control and management;
  • aviation equipment reliability review and maintenance program development;
  • quality management system review and corrective and preventive measures implementation;
  • aviation equipment tests and handover, etc.

The plant has introduced and successfully runs the internal quality assurance system to monitor compliance with the regulatory acts and revise the implementation of corrective and preventive measures. The audits are carried out by the lead internal auditors of plant employees certified at external agencies.

It is important to note that each overhaul stage (initial check, fault finding, repair, assembly, tests and commissioning) refers to the performance regulatory control and test documents signed by relevant plant executives. None of the items and materials is handed over without being checked or tested.

Assembled aircraft, engines and their components undergo internal audits before tests.

The overhauled items are subject to the acceptance inspections of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Military Customer Service Office and the authorized representatives of the aviation administrations of the countries contracting with the SE PLANT 410 CA for aviation equipment overhaul at its premises.

The plant’s quality management system implementation enhances aviation equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul for higher airworthiness and flight safety.

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