The state enterprise Plant 410 CA is open to mutually beneficial cooperation in repairs and technical maintenance of aircraft engines.

Двигатель Д-36 на испытательном стендеD-36 engine testing ground

The D-36 engine has proven to be good in operation and reliable and has a very long designed and overhaul life. This is a result of fruitful cooperation among the workers and engineers of the state enterprise Plant 410 CA, the designers and engineers of the Ivchenko-Progress design bureau, the mechanical and process engineers, metallurgists, strength and durability specialists of the public holding Motor-Sich, and the Customer’s main representation at this enterprise.

Цех №1 по ремонту двигателейEngine repair. Workshop #1

Major repairs on D-36 engines at the plant with the process cycle of 45-60 days are monitored and supported by the designer and manufacturer. All problems emerging during repairs are settled promptly and with constant monitoring of the technical condition of each engine under repairs and each operation of design improvement or upgrade.
During repairs, it is necessary to restore the parameters of an engine after its intensive use with considerable tear and wear. Besides, it is necessary to reduce repair expenses and lower costs. In search of solutions to these tasks, we come up with recommendations for improving the engine design and the technological process of repairs.
We guarantee post-repair technical maintenance and in-service support at air companies.
Due to the nodule-based design of the D-36 engine, it is possible to make minor and medium repairs by replacing separate modules during its operation, thus ensuring the uninterrupted and efficient use of aircraft.
The basic criteria for repairs are no-failure operation and the overhaul life.

We offer major repairs of D-36 aircraft engines of 1А and 2А series and their assemblies.

The basic criteria for repairs are no-failure operation and the overhaul life.

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D-36 engine assembly

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