SE PLANT 410 CA overhauls АN-32 aircraft to improve their performance, make crew members’ workplace more comfortable and promote aircraft operation on international air routes through:
•    extending the assigned aircraft service life to 40 years;
•   increasing  the maximum takeoff weight to 28.5 tons;
•   expanding the maximum payload to 7.5 tons;
•    upgrading avionics;
•    improving aircraft systems;
•    reducing noise and vibration up to ICAO standards;
•    strengthening aircraft structural units;
•    updating electric equipment at customer’s request;
•    swapping BI-2A and SSP-2A fire warning system with BPS-32;
•   overhauling.
Upgraded avionics:
•     ACASII (TCAS - II (CAS - 67A) system, including radio altimeter, to improve flight safety in accordance with ICAO standards.
•    superseded RAM-700A by А-053;
•    RLS (RDR-2100);
•    MFI (KDM 850-03);
•    KPA-405B- 15;
•    DME KDM 0706A-26;
•    AD-32 altimeter;
•    Temperature receiver (P/N 05257);
•    GPS (CH -4312 ) for navigation accuracy improvement;
•    KURS MP-2 with VOR/ILS (KURS-93М) for radio interference suppression and weight saving;
•    BPK-2B unit;
•   TAWS (SRPPZ-2000) , including two multi-functional indicators, for greater flight safety under ICAO standards; MVP-1- 1 air data module for automatic adjustment of receiver position errors; UVK-1FK barometric pressure altimeter, P-104 ambient sensor and SSVEK-1, ser.2, system;
•    Selective Calling Radio System (SELCAL); Navigation-landing indicator (NLI);
•     superseded VUC-201A radio station by VHF/UHF (R800L2E) to increase capacity from 10Watt to 20Watt under the ICAO regulation on 8.33 kHz channel spacing;
•    stationary emergency locator transmitter (Artex C-406- 1);
•    portable emergency locator transmitter (Kannad 406AS);
•    radio station (IC-A24);
•    adapter (ОРС-499);
•    radio station (HF-9000);
•    fire warning system (BPS-32);

Cabin crew seats:
•    replaced pilot and co-pilot seats with fabricated ones (analogue to 72.04.7501.600.000 seats on AN-74).
•    refurbished navigator seat with cover and head-rest.
•    equipped flight engineer station with a folding chair, oxygen equipment and the CPU-AAZ interphone control box.
•    fitted cabin crew station with inertia-reel shoulder harness.

Теплозвукоизоляция первого шпангоута

Wing, fuselage and landing gear modification in:

  • installing endurance plate on the lower center wing panel and refining the upper wing-fuselage fairing member;
  • replacing navigator blister and cockpit canopy (besides electrically heated) with enhanced lightweight plate glass;
  • refining cockpit floor after pilot seat replacement and flight engineer seat installation;
  • upgrading cockpit noise reduction to 89-90 dBA, including vibration, due to:
    • VTP-1V soundproof materials (2...3 mm);
    • additional fuselage skin stringer simulation;
    • Microlite heat insulation-sound proofing;
    • floor and wall soundproofing elements at No 7 frame;
  • additional manual main landing gear (MLG) door control system (port and starboard) for MLG manual opening in the cargo cabin.

Hydraulic System Modification

  • superseded hydro pumps 435F (2 pcs) by NR-32 to improve reliability and extend aircraft TBO life from 1,500 to 4,000 flight hours;
  • upgraded hydraulic reservoir and superseded N5812-01 drain line filter by 8D2.966.515-03 to raise hydraulic fluid clearance quality.
Установка фильтра 8Д2.515.03Доработка гидробака, установка сливного устройства

Oxygen supply system

  • traditional crew member oxygen equipment is superseded by BKO-5K and KM-114К mask (4 pcs), BKP-2- 2-210, DKM-1М, KV -20 (2 pcs.), UZP-7А2, D30-1L (4 pcs.) for David Clark Headsets (USA);
  • at customer’s request, extra fifth BKO-5K, KM-114K and D30-1L is installed in the cargo cabin portside (frames 9-11).

Removing aircraft oxygen supply equipment:

  • КP-24М, КМ-32, RD-24B, КR-24, КP-23, IK-18К, КSh-24 – 3 pcs. each;
  • КR-15 - 1 pcs.;
  • КV-15А - 4 of 5 pcs.
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