Our developed process infrastructure and advanced technologies enable us to perform a wide spectrum of works on Antonov planes

  • AN-24, AN-26, AN-30m AN-32 aircraft overhaul
  • complex life extension works on all Antonov aircraft
  • all kinds of technical service and maintenance on Antonov-24, Antonov-26, Antonov-32, Antonov-72, and Antonov-74 as well as business class planes and helicopters Каmov-26, Bell-430, Bell- 427, Augusta-109
  • on-site restoration repairs of the said types of aircraft
  • CRW1, CRW2, CRW3 on Antonov-74
  • re-equipment of Antonov-26 into passenger and cargo-passenger versions; re-equipment of Antonov-30 into passenger and administrative versions
  • upgrades of Antonov-24, Antonov-26, Antonov-30, Antonov-72, and Antonov-74 for international flights (additional special equipment) with possible upgrading options offered by customers
  • modernization of airborne radio electronic equipment
  • modification of Antonov-32 for life extension up to 40 years with complete replacement of all avionics
  • weighing of aircraft (centering calculations)
  • painting of aircraft surface with DuPont acrylic or polyurethane enamels

Marketing Department:

Tel./Fax : +380 44 246 26 65, 246 94 23
e-mail: aviamark@410.kiev.ua

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