The state enterprise Plant 410 CA has over 60 years’ experience in aircraft repairs and specializes in Antonov-24, Antonov-26, Antonov-30, Antonov-32 planes and D-36 engines series 1, 1А, 2А for planes Yakovlev-42, Antonov-72, Antonov-74. The complete process cycles comprise all operations – from disassembly to testing. This market of services is traditional for the plant and all stages of the enterprise’s development are connected with it.

The recent years have necessitated more effective operation strategies and tactics based on a wider range of additional services, namely re-equipment and modernization of aircraft; maintenance of repaired aircraft; aircraft control and restoration works; upgrading for international air carriage; life extension.
The additional services fit very well in the plant’s basic concept: application of modern means and methods of diagnostics and progressive technologies plus quality and reliability of repairs and maintenance.

The plant has the licensed proprietorship of repair and design documentation on all types of aircraft repaired there.

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