SE Plant 410 CA Rated Second Among Ukrainian Aviation Enterprises Over 9 Months 2018

SE Plant 410 CA has won the second prize for socio-economic performance of “A” group aviation enterprises over this year’s 9 months.

At the awarding ceremony held on December 19, 2018, Head of the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union Yarema Zhuhayevych handed over the Diploma of the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union and the Association of Aviation Enterprises of Ukraine to SE Plant 410 CA Director General Viktor Gankevych.

This year was remarkable for inaugurating the plant’s new secure access control point and refurbishing the dormitory. Traditionally, trade union members and their families are offered recreation and health care insurance packages. The sports achievements are recorded by our team’s participation in the industry sports events, such as  athletic competitions  (Spartakiad) in Koblevo (Ukraine).

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