SE Plant 410 CA Business Meetings At Airshow China-2018

Our plant delegation continues its visit to China International Aviation&Aerospace Exhibition 2018 “AIRSHOW CHINA-2018” having been running in the city of Zhuhai, the People’s Republic of China, from November 6 to November 11, 2018.

They  familiarized themselves with the latest developments in aviation and, what is most significantly, they held talks with the Chinese manufactures -  ChemChina, Suzhou Meide Aircraft, Youcaitec Material Co. LTD, Siait Cable, STORZ, Beijing Bei Mo Gao Ke Friction Material Co.Ltd.-  over Russian spares import substitution.

When meeting with the Airbus representatives, the SE Plant 410 CA management raised the issue of possible Airbus aircraft maintenance at our premises.

Китай 07.11

Китай 07.11.(3)

Китай 08.11

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