Scheduled BAF AN-32 Aircraft Arrives For Overhaul At SE Plant 410 CA

Within the framework of longstanding cooperation between Ukraine and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 1971, an AN-32 aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force arrived at SE Plant 410 CA on March 24, 2018 to undergo a scheduled overhaul.

In 2017, BAF Vice Marshal M. Mazharul Islam, assistant chief of air staff (maintenance), expressed his gratitude on behalf of the BAF Headquarters to SE Plant 410 CA Director General Viktor Gankevych and plant personnel for well-done and efficient overhaul of the BAF AN-32/1702 aircraft.

Also, the same AN-32 aircraft overhaul and organization was highly appraised by Flite Industries Pte Ltd. Vice President Mahbub Alam.

Ан-32 ВПС Бангладеш 1Ан-32 ВПС Бангладеш 2

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