SE Plant 410 CA Refuting Unfounded Allegations

  1. The information about the SE Plant 410 CA executives’ affairs posted on web-portal 27.05.2019 and further disseminated on other websites and in Facebook is false and contradicts reality. Thus, fake is the statement about the failed SE Plant 410 CA contract with India Air Force as the plant has been regularly dispatching the required range of warranted products according to the approved supply schedule, and the Indian side is satisfied with the current spares supplies from Ukraine for modernization of IAF An-32 aircraft.

It should be noted that the AN-32 project has brought SE Plant 410 CA 60-percent net profit over 2011 -2018, and any intrusion into and impediment to the contract execution would lead to losses and destructions.

In 2009, the contract SE SFTE SpetsTechnoExport concluded with the Ministry of Defense of India for maintenance, repair and overhaul of 105 AN-32 military-transport aircraft of India Air Force, which was the biggest in the history of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex, offered SE Plant 410 CA a long-scale cooperation with Indian partners providing for 40 Indian aircraft MRO at SE Plant 410 CA and other 65 aircraft at Indian repair depots after training Indian technicians and supplying required spares and components from Ukraine.

However, the termination of military and technical cooperation with Russia and the spares prices soared 7- to 10-fold posed the threat to the contract fulfillment in 2014-2015 delaying supplies from Ukraine to India. The Ministry of Defense of India even intended to break the contract with Ukraine for Russia’s fulfilment. If happened, SE Plant 410 CA would have paid USD 25 million penalty and would have lost USD 90 million profit from spares and components export to India.

The titanic efforts SE Plant 410 CA made jointly with SE Antonov and SE SFTE SpetsTechnoExport persuaded the Indian customers to substitute Russian spares import with western analogues in order to meet contractual obligations.

In 2018, SE Plant 410 CA faced new challenges with late supplementary agreements on contract extension and import substitution since some Indian mass media had spread the manipulative news allegedly revealed by Ukrainian law enforcement saying that Ukraine had been infringing the contract.

Meanwhile, thanks to the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of India the allegations were dismissed and the situation stabilized. We had signed all the required supplementary agreements and proceeded to the fulfilment of contractual obligations with regular supplies to complete the contract by late 2020.

The agreements SE SFTE SpetsTechnoExport and the Indian customers reached late in 2018 restored SE Plant 410 CA contractual supplies. Moreover, we hope for this year’s successful talks with India Air Force on the modernization of other 20 AN-20 aircraft in Ukraine that will allow retaining jobs and inviting young specialists. In January – February 2019, the western substitutions for Russian units were successfully tested for their further installation on AN-32 series aircraft.

Yet, with then, the media continues frightening the Indian customers off the publications “quoting” the Ukrainian law enforcement. Therefore, SE Plant 410 CA is calling on government authorities and the public to stop spreading unproven and manipulative information concerning the AN-32 aircraft MRO contract with India as it could jeopardize our enterprise’s future.

It is fair to say that the said long-term contract between SE SFTE SpetsTechnoExport and the Ministry of Defense of India helped SE Plant 410 CA to keep highly-qualified personnel and partially refurbish its facilities. Besides, this export contract enabled the plant to carry out high-quality overhaul of 22 aircraft for Ukrainian defense and law enforcement forces. Moreover, the plant is coming up the MRO plans for Boeing and Airbus aircraft to be launched in the next two years.

  1. As SC Ukroboronprom is known to be facing comprehensive audit, a number of media reports are misleading the public with false news about imagined violations. To dismiss speculations and protect its business reputation SE Plant 410 CA confirms the State Audit Service of Ukraine’s inspections at the plant, but they have neither found any violations nor prepared the report so far. Thus, the unsubstantiated allegations against SE Plant 410 CA concerning phantom bids and co-partnership with dummy companies are simply aimed at discrediting the plant’s executives and misguiding the public.
  2. Also false is the information about SE Plant 410 CA contract with Azerbaijani Azur Air. The plant management assures of no talks and any aircraft MRO contracts with the said company. Indeed, SE Plant 410 CA is mapping out the strategies for developing new international relations and seeking new markers.
  3. The allegations against SE Plant 410 CA Director General V. Gankevych who was said to be finite beneficiary of Tangazh, Falcon Avia and other companies are unfounded because spares vendor is selected only at an open SmartTender.
  4. Summarizing the above-said, it is worth mentioning that after his appointment as SE Plant 410 CA Director General in 2016 Viktor Gankevych initiated staff trainings according to international standards and the process for obtaining the required Boeing aircraft MRO permits, personally supervises the fulfilment of all contractual obligations, puts in efforts to upgrade and expand plant’s capacities. Together with partner companies, the plant has run services for Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas aircraft MRO, particularly, Boeing 737-500 maintenance and   Boeing 737-500 and MD-80 aircraft painting.
  5. The plant’s 2019 Comprehensive plan endorsed on February 11, 2019, among other points, scheduled the establishment of a modern aircraft maintenance station, especially for Boeing-series aircraft maintenance. Going ahead with the plan, we have trained 16 technicians in Boeing 737 maintenance at the Aviation Flight Academy Ltd., have contracted the aircraft elements maintenance trainings, pneumo-framed system application for Boeing maintenance and are currently preparing relative documentation.


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