The powerful production facilities, the modern equipment, the advanced aviation technologies, professionalism and high mental potential, quality of given services have allowed a factory to recommend itself, as effectively working repair aviation enterprise which by the right takes leading positions in sphere of repair aircraft technicians.
The factory is located on the area 236 000м? and has 170 000м? industrial premises.

Административный корпусMain building

During many years the enterprise carries out a full work cycle of overhaul of aircrafts An-24,-26,-30,-32 and aviation engines D-36 of a series 1, 1А, 2А, for aircrafts YAK-42, AN-72,-74, repair of units of aviation technique, and also the works connected with restoration of aviation details. The factory carries out a complex of works on prolongation of resources of airplanes such as "An" which potential, despite of "solid" age, is far from being exhausted. On the basis of a flight-test complex all categories of maintenance repaired on a factory aircraft technicians, and also КVR-1,2,3 by plane An-74, and КVО by plane An-72 are made.

Цех разборки самолетовAircraft disassembly workshop

Overhaul of each of types of aircrafts cannot be classified as something monotonous. Though they also have common attributes, but each plane is a bright individuality which has the soul. The airplane which demands repair, passes diagnosing on the basis of which performed corresponding works and the technical status of power elements is estimated. The worn out details, units and sites are subject to replacement, serviceable - repair. It is carried out necessary adding complectation, then the plane collect again in a single whole. Further together with experts from ADB, the opportunity of the further operation of the aircraft is defined within the framework of term of a between-repairs resource.

On performance of works on overhaul, modernization, re-equipment and maintenance service of aircrafts such as “An”, the plant has certificates of interstate aviation committee, Ukrainian national aviation authorities, the certificate of conformity of the Russian aviation authorities. The system of quality of the plant is certificated under the international standards of series ISO, and also airspace complex AS / EN. Taking into account, that works on repair of military planes performed, the factory has the certificate of the standard of the NATO - AQAP 2120, and also the license of the Ministry of industrial policy for repairing of military aviation technique.

In 2009 has been signed the largest contract for all history of mutual relations between Ukraine and India, subject to conditions which to the Ukrainian experts 105 aircrafts An-32 of the Air Forces of India are entrusted to repair and modernize. SE «PLANT 410 CA » is one of the leading coauthors of the contract. Aircraft An-32 is specially adapted for features of the Indian climate and high mountains. For its reliability pilots have nicknamed the machine «silver horse». Upgrade of the airplanes which are taking place in operation, instead of purchase new - expedient savings for the Indian side, and for the Ukrainian side are guaranteed work for some years. Simultaneously with overhaul is making deep modernization of the plane therefore it gets new qualities. Actually we can speak about new aircraft, which index An-32RE. Upgrade of all radio-electronic equipment is made by replacement on modern, responding American, German, French and domestic manufacturer standards.

Ан-32 Индийских ВВСIndian Air Force An-32

Eventually the technical equipment wears out and morally grows old, the quantity of airplanes in operation decreases. For saving of corporate spirit of the enterprise, collective and actually the enterprise, some variants of the anti-recessionary script of development are considered.

The collective of a factory makes huge efforts on preparation for certification on norms and rules of the European organization on safety in aircraft EASA (PART-145, PART-147, PART-66, PART-M). It will allow to diversify the work not only on technique such as AN, but also to carry out maintenance service of planes of foreign manufacture. The enterprise already has such customers. These are domestic airlines "HORS ", "AeroSvit" and others. For today maintenance service more than 15 airplanes Boeing - 737 is carried out. On the areas of a factory planes MD - 80,-82,-83 are served. Also plant fruitfully works with business aircraft.


Боинг - 737Boeing - 737

One of directions of development is realization of the program «Ukrainian helicopter». It will allow to restore after overhaul, re-motorization and modernization helicopter Mi-8T, for further its use in a national economy. Realization of the project will be carried out together with joint-stock company "Motor Sich ".


Evrocopter EC 155Evrocopter EC 155

ЛИЭКFlight testing area

With the advent of new tendencies in the aviation industry, and also all increasing requirements and needs, for today is actual a question of deficiency in airplanes so-called «modern regional class». In particular the question is development and realization, together with Developers of ADB and joint-stock company "Motor Sich", the project directed on re-equipment of plane An-26 in variant Аn-26М. As a result of the project, the light transport airplane of regional class Аn-26М with engine TV3-117VMA-SBM1 will represent the modernized version of military - transport airplane Аn-26, with two turbo-propeller engines AI-24VT. Already now many airlines are ready to execute the given upgrade as this step demands considerably smaller expenses in comparison with purchase new short-or mid-haul airplane. Proceeding from the feasibility report on the project, efficiency of operation of the modernized version of the plane that will provide conformity to requirements ICAO on noise and issues of harmful substances also is obvious, having opened for Аn-26М the sky of the countries of the European Community.

Having a wide experience on restoration of aviation engine D-36, the enterprise has all opportunities for development of techniques of the western manufacture. It concerns engine SFM-56 which after performance of repair actually on all parameters can be tested on base of already working engine-testing station of the plant. Development of engine Pratt and Whitney 100, 120 series which is used by airplanes ATR-42,-72, and also by airplanes Dash-8 of manufacture Bombardier also is possible.

Цех ремонта двигателейEngine overhaul workshop

At an initial stage of process of development of maintenance service of aviation technique of a new sample always there are expected and unforeseen complexities. Corresponding certification, additional training of the personnel is required. The big expenses impose on the organization of manufacture, purchase of the equipment and the completing products, new technologies, and also on conformity of industrial hangars.

BAe 146 Avro RJ 100BAe 146 Avro RJ 100

Corresponding strategy enables an all found work of all workers on the enterprise. There is a question of selection of the staff on various specialities. Among workers percent of youth has considerably increased is indicative. Only for last year are recruited about two hundred young experts. At the enterprise revive traditions of preceptorship. The youth gets «under the wing» the mature, deserved experts. There is already a third alternation of generations, people of one surname, so-called labour dynasties - from the grandfather to the grandson. In a result qualified personnel receive new knowledge, the plant - orders, aircrafts - the new heart. Strategy of a management has allowed collective of a plant to feel like confidently and comfortably, and to a management to show care of two-thousand people collective.

Самолетная территорияAircraft repair area

In a general plan of development of the enterprise the significant attention is given to social sphere. The factory ambulance station being independent medical division is restored. It has already accept the first visitors. Except for preventive measures is stipulated granting of first aid, and also service of the rehabilitation center and the training gym.

There is a complex on granting services of a meal for workers of plant. At a factory the youth union, and also the union of women's organizations is revived. The factory has base of rest "Desna" on the balance.

The factory has an operational experience with more than 60 countries of the world with which business, friendly, partner relations are advanced, and is open for fruitful business contacts.

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