The STATE ENTERPRISE «PLANT 410 CA » represents the powerful aircraft-repair enterprise - one of leaders on the post-Soviet space, as of today, executed overhaul more than six thousand aircrafts and forty thousand the aviation engines, reputed stable and the responsible partner.

The history of a factory is a bright narration how from small aircraft-repair base, self-denying and at times heroic work achieves that we have - the professional and rallied collective, strong labour traditions, production facilities, resources, effective administrative strategy.

The successful decision of tasks in view is provided with stability of the enterprise, its constant development. The production facilities and the incorporated potential, allow not only to strengthen the achieved positions, but also to increase them, mastering and developing the new directions connected to development of repair of new types of aviation technique. Giving a qualitative product which price parameters respond conditions of license agreements and existing on the market of the given services of a competition, we are adjusted to productive work, expansion of geography of our potential customers.

We value our numerous partners and are always glad to opportunities for development of cooperation.

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